London , United Kingdom

What does teacup clinking, hustle and bustle, and British royal music sound like? A sweet trip to London, United Kingdom. Here you can be the king or queen of your trip by witnessing some of London’s historic traditions. If you want a picture with The Queen’s guards, you can catch the changing of the guards every thirty minutes at Buckingham Palace. Catch some views at the London Eye, visit The British Museum, or spend some time at The Royal Mews to delve into some London culture. 

When’s the best time to visit London? With an endless list of activities, you can visit London whenever you’re ready. If you’re visiting in the Summer months, you can attend the traditional ceremony, Trooping the Colour that happens around June. If you’re ready to party with the British, you don’t want to miss London Pride or Notting Hill’s Carnival. And If you’re a sports fan, you might need a fancier outfit then usual to attend Wimbledon’s Tennis Championships. The excitement doesn’t stop there. London in the Winter months brings its festive events. In December, the streets, cafes and boutiques of London transform into Christmas markets that are great for shopping. Oh, and There’s absolutely no better place to be on New Year Eve, then partying and screaming, “3-2-1”, in front of Big Ben. Not to mention it’s famous fireworks are the perfect backdrop for your new year’s selfie.

With so much to do and so many places to be, be sure to follow this rule while you’re out sight-seeing. If you want to stop for a picture, walk to the right of the sidewalk and step off for a quick break. We have reason to believe you’ll be drinking tea a lot more frequently after this vacation. Book yourself a sweet trip to London, United Kingdom today. 

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